Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scary, but peaceful & a garden

We had a scare this past week. Mom was admitted to the hospital Thurs., after an earlier bout in the ER Mon. that revealed nothing wrong. She was diagnosed with heart failure, so will be on meds now to relieve the stress on her heart. On the bright side, she was doing so well Sunday that they released her a day early. She's feeling pretty good and pacing herself. She is one tough, independent soul, let me tell you. I marvel at her inner strength and her tenacity to remain free to live life as she wants. It's nice to see her have a little more energy & she knows to pace herself. And as always, God holds her in the palm of His hand. Please Lord, let me have her genes. :)
Wedding planning is picking up a little speed - as in my antsiness is increasing as time grows closer. We do have three months, but it's moving a little too slowly for my liking. LOL
Stitchwise - Hallelujah! I finished Cottage Garden. I couldn't begin to tell you what threads I used on the last one, because I ended up stitching parts of it over with pieces that weren't quite so dark. I do like the final product, but I'm glad it's done. For those of you who helped me with the Rose darker issue - it resolved itself. I made parts of the Violet darker and the Bluebell balanced it out. Funny thing is I was all excited at Mon. night stitching when I finished and displayed it there. Too bad I'd copied the year directly from the pattern - you guessed it - it's not 2007 anymore...so...one last frog at the group (naturally) and voila! Now on to the multitudes of WIP's I have. I'm feeling really guilty that I have not worked on the Travel Sampler -it's just not calling to me right now. I would like my mother to see this one, so hopefully I can get back to that.
I'm in a distance course for my educational therapy work. It was a slight shock to find out it started earlier than I thought, so I 'm scrambling to crank this stuff out. Unfortunately, it will cut into my stitching time! C'est la vie. :)