Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As Dorothy Said.....There's No Place Like Home!

My Friendship RR is home again after starting its journey in Mar. 2009, and I love it, love it! It made it through various bumps in the road and a few delays, but it's home. Already working on finishing up some of these other hearts before it goes back out for some new adventures. The title at the top is what Cindy wrote on my envelope, so I "borrowed" it. :)
The past week or so has been a great mail week - new stash and surprises.

Look what the RAK Fairy sent me! Aren't they beautiful? I love these limited editions from Carrie's Creations.

After seeing these Medieval Ladies from Joan Elliot at Kathy's house, I had to have them. Saw one being stitched on someone's blog last year, but they were only in the magazine then. So I'm wondering exactly how many there are altogether...

Also picked up some older Carriage House charts that were on Etsy....and my PTP FOTM came this week, too.

Queen Mya has come for a visit - see her perched on her throne? But she's so excited...because this is her first SNOW!!!! For those of you that are sick of snow, disregard this bubbling over description of the event. We don't get snow too often here in central NC, so it's a big thing for us. So far, about 5 in. and sleeting most of today. And yes, the city is pretty shut down, but at least it's Saturday.
Montana is loving the visit and snow, as he doesn't remember his first one last year. He goes pure nuts in it outside!

And here's the happy couple after taking the dogs out last night. This time they left early enough to escape driving in the bad weather. The last exciting event is that we ordered DD's wedding dress yesterday and it's soooo beautiful!

And as every good Southern woman knows to do, I've collected the snow (before sleet) to keep for snow cream later today - Yum, yum!

Monday, January 18, 2010


design by Kirsten Schmitt and Elke Reiss for the Marquoir Yahoo Group
Zentangle was stitched with permission by the designers in the
Rainbow Gallery's Bravo A56 and Weeks Confetti
on 32 ct. white lugana

Yay! I finished Zentangle last night - I do love this design. I'd planned to start the second Zentangle, but I'm debating how. Do I stitch this one in the same color thread and fabric, or change it up? Originally, I'd hoped to stitch them identically and frame them in a double mat. However, the size of the second one is too large. Decisions, decisions. :)

It's actually a beautiful day here. We did have thunder several times yesterday; hmmm, wonder if it will bring snow? Too bad the forecast shows 50 degree weather for the next ten days!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back in the Stitching Chair

The holiday activity has drawn to a close, leaving me with more stitching time, I hope. I have several projects that I'd really like to stitch, so the goal is to get to it.
The Christmas and New Year season was very good to us, for which I'm thankful, but it's also nice to get back to a normal routine.
Mom's Travel Sampler is my main priority; it's really an easy stitch, just large, and I'm showing some progress....

I'm participating in another RR this year with some friends, so Alphabet Zoo by Blue Ribbon Designs is my choice. I decided this time to use Weeks linen with GA Cherry Wine threads.

Also stitching on several other small items; almost done with Reading by LHN - my Mon. night group stitch...

Hope you all get lots of stitching time is this cold weather. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Year!

One thing I love about the New Year - whether I'm full of resolutions or not, it always feels like it's a chance to start anew. Who knows where the paths of life will lead us? Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed 2010. Looking forward to seeing what new stitchery is afoot...


Carolyn NC