Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Stitching and More

I have half of the biscornu from our retreat left and I got sidetracked by a cute little snowman by Val's Stuff. I'd stitched some of the border on our trip to the mountains. 10 count Tula is sooo much easier to stitch on in a car than 32 count over one. Decided to go ahead and finish this, so I'll have it in time for my friend at Christmas. She appreciates needlework and collects snowmen, so I have given her a few XS projects over the years. Think I'll finish this one on a pillow. The one that's called for appears red, but I'm thinking a cranberry one might be better.

This weekend was nice and relaxing. Hung out with friends and DS, DD & her new DH came over after church Sunday for lunch. Unbeknownst (don't you just love this word?) to my son, we'd decided to go ahead and give him Dad's truck before he graduates from college in Dec. He was just about speechless, as he thought he was coming over to help Dad wash and wax the truck. So they did a swap - pretty old truck for less old and nicer truck. Picture is my DS kissing his old truck good-by LOL. So, in essence, DH goes back to the beginning and gets his first truck back. Wonder how long he's going to be able to stand that? LOL You know how men love to upgrade! Too bad it costs money to do that.... :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Labors of the Stitching Retreat

Where to start? It was a wonderful weekend at the Pals retreat in Myrtle Beach. Amy, the fearless leader, arranged a fabulous time for everyone, as always (thank you, Amy!). We had the opportunity to take classes with Jane Timmers of Fancy Work. She does exquisite work and had excellent tips and techniques to make things easier, quicker, prettier, and have neater work. First we put together the pinkeep which was so pretty. Then we lined the Madeira Tin, which turned out beautifully. We received the chart to stitch another sampler to match in the window, but have a temporary option if we choose. I haven't finished the biscornu yet, but hope to this week. I included a bare mini-biscornu that I threw together at the last minute just to stitch one in class.

Mary (M Designs) was once again there with her family to satisfy any stash acquisition desires with her store, Crossstitch-ville. It's amazing how much she had with her portable store. Charts of all kinds, fibers, fobs, fabric, you name it, she had it - even models stitched. Her real store is actually in Crossville, Tennessee, so if you ever get a chance to wander in that direction, don't miss the chance to stop by. She is a delight to be around and is ever so helpful. I'm sure I sound like an advertisement here, but when you interact with helpful stitching people, it's always good to pass the word on... :)

If you're interested in accessories and specialty needlework, here are some of Jane's designs that were displayed; I'm hoping to stitch some more of her work. Pictures are clickable.

The one above is Martha's Pocket - I think this is one of my most favorite designs. Love the aqua and coral colors and stitching.

Tons of stitching and tons of fun!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Early Fall Leaves in the Mountains

DH & I went on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the northernmost part of NC today, after spending the night with my brother and family. Lots of fun. Got right much stitching done in the car ride in between the less picturesque spots and taking some pictures.

The further north we went, the more colorful it became. It was a beautiful drive, though the leaves weren't peaking yet - probably in the next week or so. When I see nature's beauty like this unfold in such magnitude, I truly marvel at God's creation.

Could not work on the Madeira biscornu in the car - too darn small for me, so pulled out one I hadn't worked on in a while, which I'll make into a pillow for a friend who loves snowmen. Great to stitch on in the car, as it's 10 count Tula with Watercolours and large needle. Don't ask me how, but I lost one of the main threads (count me irritated). It must have fallen out of the car at the last stop and I didn't notice it. C'est la vie. Hope our LNS has it in stock next week. Will post pics of the progress soon.

We’re having some wedding flowers dried by a florist; as my daughter works during her working hours, she suggested we come by on Thurs. night during her stitching group. My ears immediately perked up when I heard this. Come to find out, this is a group from an old LNS (OOB) that still meets. So cool to unexpectedly find others who share this love of needlework!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Small Finish

This is the Madeira pin keep for a retreat weekend after next. Just imagine the shape of a compact and it will give you a better idea. It's done over one with Lakeside Linen and Gloriana Silks. First time I've used this particular brand of silks - very nice to work with. Next is the biscornu; then I'm off to work on my Mom's Travel Sampler (that she has asked me about recently - yikes). Looking forward to this retreat at the beach. Should be a blast and plenty of stitching!