Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whirlwind...but it's all good

Whew! In the past few weeks, we've watched YDD and fiance graduate, moved both of them out and back into two different places; moved ODD and DH out and into two different places; and they're off on a two week trip.

Here's the very happy graduated couple...

And all the chilluns...

ODD and DH are moving to CA in July, so they will be here with us for a few weeks before they take off. Can you say Skype and webcam?? While I'm thrilled for my children, of course it's a wrench to have them move completely to the other side of the US. So we're trying to plan visits, etc., already. I'm glad technology makes it so much easier to keep in touch now. :)
My son (left in photo) has been nicknamed Super Mule, as he is a master at moving people. Good thing he worked for a moving company for two years. Sure has come in handy - hehe, poor thing.

Alas, my stitching is practically nil, but I did stitch a gift for a friend's special BD.

This is a heavy-duty acrylic box; they come in several different kinds and sizes, from Cooper Oaks; and they are awesome to use for needlework.

Meanwhile back at the homestead, we now have "The Mya" as we affectionately dub the queen, (ODD's pomeranian) racing around the house.

Funny how they both fold the same leg up underneath them. Montana looks woebegone, but trust me, he is thrilled to have Mya around. :)