Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stitching and Stuff

It's been jam packed lately; I've been finishing some exchange items and stitching fiendishly on a needleroll project for an upcoming trip. More on that later. But time is running out and I need to finish this up and stitch another heart for the RR before I leave.
Also helped my youngest DD move into her first apartment this weekend. My DS who works for a moving company (still looking for an engineering luck so far) helped load up her truck, etc. He's being paid for it, but not with money. :)

I do have some stitching finishes; some haven't been received yet, so they'll be posted later.
First is the bookmark I sent to Shelley for the ILCS exchange; she loves lighthouses and burgundy, hence.....

Look what Shelley sent to me for our bookmark exchange. It's adorable......

Finished a pinkeep for a birthday exchange.....

A scissor fob for another BD exchange......

Some of the ladies in our Monday night stitching group are going on a XS tour to England with Susan Greening Davis. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. My DH gave this to me as a BD present well over a year ago, before we knew about the second wedding, my mom's eyes, FL wedding, etc. But such is life; you make plans and you never know what comes up. Everyone is doing fine at the moment, praise God. So I take off for 2 1/2 weeks of travel this Friday. We're leaving early to take in a few more places before the actual tour begins. Does anyone know of a good LNS in London, Paris, or Scotland (closer to London)? We're hoping to have a chance to get to some.
For my BD and Mother's Day, my youngest DD gave me this bag to take with me to hold my XS. It just came in the other day. Isn't it lovely?

My DS had given me flowers and my other DD gave me a small Ipod Shuffle. Now if I can take the time to put the music on it, I'll be set. :) Needless to say, they were all so thoughtful. Think maybe I'll keep them......LOL
We were out in the yard the other day and saw these two baby bunnies playing in our neighbor's backyard. They look like they are playing Follow the Leader. We get them every so often. Aren't they the cutest things?

And look at this fantastic sky; reminds me of the old sailor's warning...Red sky at night; sailor's delight. Red sky at morning; sailor's warning.

And lastly, our sweet Montana in his favorite position (when he actually quits moving, that is...)

Still looks a frog to me. He's six months old and weighs ~55 pounds. And yes, he does have a tail - must be underneath him. I'm beginning to think he might not be as big as everyone thought. OK by me - he's strong as an ox now. You ought to see him go after a butterfly - too cute.
Everyone have a great day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Now We're Done....for a while

One more wedding this weekend. Sue and I have been friends for twenty-five years, starting with the birth of our children. They grew up together, went to school together, stayed in touch, and my DF's son was married here this weekend. It was a lovely outdoor wedding by the sound in Corolla, NC. While there, we took advantage of the weekend to throw in some activities.

We went on a jeep ride to see the wild horses around this area of Carova (Carolina-Virginia) up from Corolla. Highly recommend Wild Horse Adventures for this if you ever go to there.

Some big Monster Truck dude lives out here and posted this sign. Click to read - rather humorous. If you live up here beyond Corolla, it requires a 4-wheel drive. Be prepared to have what you need with you; it takes a while to get to any store. If you want to truly get away from it all, this is the place to be, though it's pricey. It's just sand and houses miles away from any roads, even though I've been assured they're listed with GPS.


Bodie Island.....

Cape Hatteras.....

Climbed 400+ steps in lighthouses and saw gorgeous views. This view is from Cape Hatteras; if you ever look at a US map, you'll see the Outer Banks right off the NC coast. Note where that sharp hook is in the banks; this is it.

While riding down #12 on the Outer Banks, you blink and miss this. Anyone recognize this house? It's from the movie "Nights in Rodanthe." Too bad it's condemned; there were six houses around that all looked that way; I guess they couldn't be saved. Time and erosion do take their toll at the beach.

And lastly, for all of you frog lovers or haters, I couldn't resist taking a pic of this sign on #12. Too funny. Can't imagine where the name came from; I don't think I want to know......LOL

Stitching was non-existent; but I'm hoping to stitch this week. I'm working on three little gifts and finished a bookmark, but can't show anything yet. Everyone take care.

Monday, May 11, 2009

All is Well

First and foremost, thank you all so much for your continued prayers for my friend Terry. She is doing great - in fact, she should be going back to work tomorrow. We are all truly grateful she is still with us; a few more hours and the end result could very well have been different. No news on the heart yet, though it appears to be ok so far.
My youngest DD had her wisdom teeth removed right after I got back, so it's still been busy. She's just about back to normal and will be heading off to her job for the summer tomorrow. I haven't stitched too much, but I do have a few updates.

Next in the Friendship Sampler RR was for Karen's RR. There's a lull in the next two rotations, as two of the RR's are delayed for the moment. Hopefully, they'll be returning to the fold soon.
Isn't this a beautiful fabric? I believe Karen hand-dyed this herself.

Quilting - LHN/CC is normally one of my Monday night stitching rotations. Hope to go ahead and finish this one up, so I can continue the series.

And lastly, I put some stitches in Mom's Travel Sampler. Didn't get to my HAED this week, but hopefully the next.
I hope everyone had a relaxing Mother's Day. Ours was fun, as my DD and DSIL and youngest DD were here for lunch, along with my mother. She doesn't often get to my house, so it was a nice treat for us all. DS and DDIL were here Sat. night and left to see her mother on Sun. Beautiful weather and everyone else did most of the work, so it was great!
On a more somber note, as we all know, what can bring pleasure to some can bring pain to others. Some mothers are no longer with them or their children aren't, so please keep them in mind and prayer. Hugs to all. :)