Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not One, but Two!

Finally, a semblance of normalcy after the hectic month of July. I've finished my class and have returned home. It is so nice to be back! However, I do believe I'm a bit changed - I am now left-turn challenged. After cruising the city of Norfolk, VA for a week (without trying to, BTW), I think I have lost some of my ability to make left turns. Let me explain. There appears to be a conspiracy to anyone trying to make a left turn anywhere there. Yep - not too many. Heaven forbid that you miss the one and only turn left and need to turn around. You will travel a few miles before this is possible. No U-turns and no left turn signs abound in the bustling city. We toured many a sight before finding the pot of gold - the proverbial left turn. You can even go down another road in hopes of turning there to go back the opposite way on the first road. No left turns there either. It got to be the joke among our friends in the class. Now we consider ourselves handicapped on the road! JK, of course; Norfolk is a nice place and we enjoyed the city. Class was good, but sleep deprivation reigned supreme. I slept 14 hours when I got home Sat. evening. I think that's a record for me.
Well, now to the REAL news - we're having not one wedding, but two! My son became engaged to his sweetheart last week and he's getting married in the spring. One Sept., one March - it will be busy. However, we're so happy with whom they're marrying, we're dancing for joy. We love them all and couldn't be happier for them. Now to survive...... :)
My stitching took a nosedive this whole month, but I've been able to pick it up some this week and finish a small item for my Secret Sister. Then on to the endless choices - work on a UFO or start something new? Or do both!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Family, Friends and Fun

Wow, time has certainly flown since my last post. Went to PA for the Creation Festival which is kinda like Woodstock for the Christian community - 4 days and 70,000 + people there - fantastic. I was helping a friend with her ministry of B.W.F.J. (Be weird for Jesus - based on 1 Peter 2:9 that we are called to be a "peculiar" people.) Wonderful time, but long hours. Came home and brother and his family came in that day. Almost seems like a blur, it went so fast. We don't get to see them very often as they live in OK. Children-4-have grown like weeds and we had a great time, especially at the local July 4th celebration with them and friends. Even though we are a small town outside a city, our celebration is one of the nicest around with the NC Symphony and a beautiful fireworks display.
Tomorrow, we're off to FL for visit with friends and then my residency week for the online course I've been doing. Still doing preparations for the wedding in between events and it's coming along nicely. This has all been fun, but I've not had a chance to stitch. So when I'm back home once again, I'll be glad to work on the projects I'm itching to do.