Thursday, April 14, 2011

All Work and No Play....

...brings flowers from DH's job....for me?? Well, I realize DH has been moving heaven and earth working, but what a nice gesture! And tulips are just so beautiful to me - I think I love this thoughtfulness - much thanks.

OK, where did the time go? The good news is my mom is moving in with us this weekend. The bad news is...none. Well, other than preparing, packing, and moving....LOL. But with a beautiful end result, so I'm not complaining! I just want her to be happy here, you know?

Mail was surely my friend in March. For my BD, Nancy sent this beautiful scissor keep and scissors (note the personalization - :). I was just thrilled with it - thanks so much, Nancy!

The mail also brought one of Karen's monthly Ornament Gifts. Turns out my name was drawn in March - how cool. This is just adorable! It will look lovely on my tree this Christmas and is much appreciated.

Stitching has been hit and miss, but I'm almost finished with my part on Karen's RR and will be sending it back home. Will post pics next time.
The sun is shining and it's truly spring, finally. Hope you all have a blessed day!