Saturday, February 5, 2011

If You're Looking for Something Totally Cool...

...then this is it! I've been participating in a small RR between friends for the past year. Nancy's RR is a Mill Hill Christmas selection of her own layout design. She chose nine of her MH kits, found a border freebie that she liked and adapted it, and each person stitched a house.
May I say that this piece is just gorgeous? The picture doesn't do it justice.

And the house I stitched...Victorian.

I also received my own RR back - Blue Ribbon Designs' Alphabet Zoo. Love it! Only a little more than five blocks to finish and it'll be done. I sent it off with one block stitched. Thanks to all!

Remodeling is still going on, though we're at a lull at a moment - waiting for some items to come in and then we go again.
It seems that everyone is having these horrendous winters with snow and ice. We actually had snow on Christmas Day here and Montana was as happy as a lark!

Aahh..back in the warmth with my best buddy, Mya!

It's good to be stitching once again and somewhat back online. Thanks to those that have asked about my mom. She's doing ok - hanging in there. She had her 90th BD and I got a good picture of her. Good thing she's not on the computer - she'd probably kill me for posting it...LOL

I'll say it again...Lord, please let me have my mother's genes.

And from my house to yours, everyone take care. :)