Monday, March 14, 2011


The smell of flowers and budding trees is in the air - yes, spring is coming, and none too soon for me. But for those already suffering with allergies, this first finish is for you. It was a Christmas gift from my sweet sister-in-law. Bless Ewe-Pine Mountain.

...Next up is Needle Delights' Scarlet... now how perfect is this for an NC State fan? Though let's not discuss this year's season....ouch.

...Another block on Alphabet Zoo.

...Some progress on Karen's RR - Anagram Diffusion's Sampler Saisons. She used VC Hand-dyed Fibers; loved stitching with these and the colors are perfect!

I learned a new trick from another stitcher this weekend at our Myrtle Beach retreat with Susan Greening Davis (more on that later). For those that remember gum wrapper chains, you can use the same technique with ribbons and create lovely little ribbon chains to attach scissors to baskets, fobs, etc.

So when Kate gave several stitchers some scissors in her beautifully sewn scissor holder, this looked like the perfect attachment. :)

Zentangle is now framed; first one was pretty, but a little too bright, so I went with a slightly toned down version - better, I think.

This week my youngest DD and I are off to CA to see my oldest DD and SIL...the temps here will be 70-80 degrees. In Los Angeles, they'll be in the 60's. What is wrong with this picture?? LOL

God bless you all and everyone take care.