Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Rest of the Story, Scroll Frames and More...

Honest, Mom, I really didn't mean to.....

Wait a minute! It wasn't me, it was Dad!!

To recap-
Frisbee with the dog...that's what DH was doing. Throwing it LOW for him so as not to hurt his hips. Notice how "low" it went for him in the tree? LOL Next, the rope ball -stuck; then the long handle brush -stuck; then the ceiling fan duster -stuck (which did eventually come down); still no Frisbee. Montana's dancing around with excitement, wondering when playtime starts again, DH is disgusted, and I'm laughing. Gotta keep a sense of humor...

Speaking of which, Zoe has contributed her "part" to my cake that I'd COVERED up and set aside to be iced (for the cake decorating class - who knew it would be so much work?!)

Mail this week was an absolute blast! First I received a wonderful treat from Faye. She heard how much I loved this design and sent this to me. Isn't it just so pretty? I love it! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness, Faye!

Terri featured a giveaway on her blog and I was one of the winners! Woohoo! So I received this darling little Brittercup chart from her. Thanks - it's so cute, Terri!

And last but not least, Jolene thanked me for a small favor by sending me this awesome With thy Needle and Thread chart and threads. I'd not seen this particular pattern before and it is adorable! And many thanks to you, Jolene!

And here's a blast from the past - a friend just sent me a picture of this XS that I'd done for her son back in 1990.

Changing subjects, I've had several people ask me for the directions to make the scroll frames I showed on an earlier post. These are Nancy's creation and she has given me permission to post the information. It is well worth making these; I absolutely love mine!

Scroll Frames - Nancy M.

If you can refer to my photos it will probably help

1 Buy a set of wooden toy wheels 2" X5/8" with a 1/4" hole. Mine were an 8 pack (I found mine at hobby lobby ) The ones my dad did for me are stained and varnished, the ones I bought I just use unfinished.

2 Buy oak dowels, mine are approx 2" diameter, you really want oak though because Pine will split on you!! You can cut the dowels to whatever size you need for you pattern. I have several here uncut and if I happen to have a pattern that I don't have the right size for, I just have hubby cut me the right size. Rarely happens now though since I have so many sizes. After they are cut to length, drill a hole in each end. This way you can screw in the hanger bolts.

3 You need 4 Hanger bolts 10-24 X2 (thats exactly what the package sayes)

4 You need 4 Tee nuts 10-24 X 5/16 -these are the silver things you hammer into the wheels so they screw onto the hanger bolts. There is a picture of the wheels with these in them.

5 You need 2 pieces of wood for the sides. Mine happen to be 9 1/2" long, by 3/4" by 1" and I have a second set that is only 7 1/2' long. I personally would like another set that is a few inches longer than 9 1/2", but I haven't done that yet. You need to drill a hole in them for the dowels to go into.

6 buy double sided carpet tape. This takes the place of any basting material!!! You can make your material slightly bigger and cut off any "sticky" part when the piece is done. Personally I don't care because most of my things are framed or sewn into something else, so the "sticky" part doesn't matter. But be aware, there will be some residue. Cut the tape to the length of your dowel. It doesn't matter if it doesn't cover the whole dowel, there is enough tension to hold the fabric. I RARELY have to even tighten my material after beginning to work on a piece, it is like a DRUM!!!!! I love my scrolls and I hope I have helped any of you out there who would like to make their own. It is much cheaper than buying them. Nancy

Hope to see other scroll frame handiwork out there!