Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Won! and This and That....

Yay! I won Bingo in my ILCS group this time. It's been forever since I've even been close and I was so surprised when it happened today. You know, sometimes, it's just the little things in life that can brighten your day. :)

This is a needlepoint freebie I stitched by Laura J. Perin. I changed the colors around a bit & I haven't decided how to finish it. Possibly a flatfold or a small pillow? Canvas isn't quite as easy to manipulate as fabric so suggestions are welcome!
I've been writing periodically about happenings in our family with weddings and graduations this year, and I'd like to show my youngest DD.
Here's DD with Indiana in 2000 and Montana this year....

This is my whimsical, perky, honest, and definitely funny baby. Forgive me for seeming proud, but she's a sweetie. She's also doing really well in college and hopes to finish a semester early. We're blessed to be able to see her and BF fairly often, as they're not too far away.
When I mention whimsical, I just love this costume she came up with this year. Last year she was a Smurf. You don't get the full effect as this isn't the entire costume, but you get the drift....

Here at the recent wedding of our close friends over Christmas....

And just playing around with the camera outside....

And I promise to quit posting pictures of our new puppy, as you're probably getting tired of them, but I do have one last picture to show for a while.

Now tell me, how could you not love this face????

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Best of all Complaint Letters, an Award, and Mail!

This has to be one of the funniest and wittiest complaint letters I've ever seen. If you've already read it, pass it on. It is well worth the time. Check it out here. I so appreciate a good wit. Thanks to Sadie to letting us know about it. Some people just have a real gift for communication. LOL

I had another fun day in the mail. I've been trying to catch up on some JCS Christmas issues. I only have about five years worth, but I wanted 2005 to have at least the last six. I ordered it on E-Bay from a reputable seller and thought I'd been shafted. After touching base with her, she said she sent it media mail. From GA to NC it took 22 days to get here, but it's here. I also received the chart, By Her Hand, by La-D-Da as the giveaway prize from Sherry. It's awesome!
Thank you.

Beth has given me an award that I love. This one is a little different, but so nice. You know how this works, so I'm spreading the love by naming five others to award. So without further ado,

Kathy K - your generous and giving spirit is apparent to all
Deborah - with all of your own trials, you always have an encouraging word for everyone else
Rene - you really introduced me to a group and showed me what it could be like to have real internet friends
Donna - your Stitching For a Cure is pure love. We all thank you.
Meari - as busy as you are, you keep up with everyone, give help & tutorials, and post an awesome blog.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow?!! Giveaways, and Stitching (barely)

Wow, I won a giveaway from Beth and I love it! She sent me the Northern Pine Designs "Ebb Tide" and the canvas that goes with it. Thank you so much, Beth!
We here in the Raleigh area did get about 5-6 in. of snow; it's been a long time for us to have any. Here's the view of the front,

then the back, ( I know, it looks pretty much the same.)

and the front steps. Interesting how the snow blew and left it this way.

I have stitched a little on a Bride's Tree ornament for January. This is Rosewood Manor's House in the series.

And lastly, this a reminder of enjoying life to the fullest....

Click on the picture and you get the full effect. Yes, Montana absolutely loved the snow.
Oh, to be young and free!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Big Event


Well, as you can see by the picture, you know what our big event was today! Isn't he adorable?! And we have a thing for states, I guess LOL. Since our Indiana died right before Christmas, the house has seemed so empty. And even though here's proof that our cat, Zoe, has decided to be a little more approachable after seven years,

we hate coming home with no dog at the door. So DH & I decided to go for it again and we got another golden retriever puppy. His father is English (white) and his mother American (golden), so his coat will be lighter than a regular golden. He's so cute and into everything. It is totally established already that he's a hog and a messy eater to boot. He not only puts both paws in to help him eat, he lays down on the floor to finish! Too funny.

Here's DH with him, me, and then naturally, we had to make a stop at my mom's.

And yes, if you see circles under my eyes, it's because we're losing sleep, either to take him outside or hear a sporadic yelp. He's a little younger, so the trips outside are a little more frequent for a week or so. You know, I'd forgotten about this part... Reminiscent of having a baby in the house, though not to that degree.
I have learned some new information. If you want your children to come visit, get a puppy. Not that we mind the visits, of course. But it is cute to see them rush over to check out the new addition.

All but one have come, and she's coming Sun. from college with her boyfriend and best friend. I'll be sure and post her picture, along with some other things. I've posted about oldest DD's wedding, DS's graduation & soon to be wedding, so I want to post about her, too.
Back to the puppy, interestingly enough, Montana could care less about the cat - totally ignores her. She's all paranoid and will come sniff him when he's asleep, but stays away. I think she still might sit on my lap at night, but we'll just have to wait and see if she thinks we've betrayed her. Poor baby.

On the blogging front, I have been totally shocked this week. I won two giveaways in two days!
Thank you Beth and Sherry. I will post as soon as I receive them in the mail. What fun!

Another thank you to Janet for giving me an award. I know several of you have already done this, so I'll try not to duplicate. I am supposed to list 5 of my addictions and name 5 bloggers who I think are "Fabby."

So here are my 5 addictions:
1. God
2. Family
3. Cross Stitching and buying stash
4. Reading
5. Computer time!

Here are the 5 people I have nominated for the Fabby award:
Kathy K
Kathy H
Now if you winners will please go and do likewise! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Several people have asked for information on the key-chain with our dog's photo etched on it. There are very few places that do this type of work, but TJ's Engraving and Gifts is in Cary, NC. It's a mother/daughter operation out of the home. You can also find them on the web at

Stitching has been a little better lately and I finished this ornament during last Friday's SAT. Haven't decided how to finish it, so will decide after more ornaments are done. Design found in the Zweigart pamphlet Needle Art.

This is my first ornie finish as part of a monthly Ornament SAL this year. The January Bride's Tree ornie is my stitching for this week. I'm about halfway, so the finish should be soon.

I'm pleased to be part of a Friendship RR this year using this chart from Carriage House Samplings. We'll be starting sometime in February. What fabric to use? Which threads? I'm thinking hand-dyed mint/celery green or similar, but beyond that, I'm not sure. The threads or at least some of them would definitely have to be switched out then, so we'll see. Any suggestions?

My friend Kathy does such phenomenal stitching that I nagged her to post here on Blogger. She graciously humored me and started a new blog. All of her gazillion finishes aren't posted on it, but she has links to her pictures. She's always stitching something new and has been working on several large pieces, including Holland Landscapes by Chatelaine. I keep pestering her to give an update and she has promised me today that it's coming shortly. Gorgeous does not even describe it. Seeing that piece stitched is enough to make you drop everything and sign up for the group to go ahead and download it. So, if you get a chance, stop by her new blog and give her a welcome to Blogger. Kathy's been stitching and online for years, and I'm sure many of you already know her. Some of you may not, however, and you're in for a stitching treat. (Just ask to see a picture of her Egyptian Garden framed.)

And lastly, my DH and I may have a big event this weekend, but don't know yet. When I get all the details, I'll be sure and share it. Thanks for reading and commenting - it's always an encouragement! :) Take care, everyone.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Strangest Thing......

I can't explain it nor can anyone else.
Remember our "sweet" cat, Zoe? Much sarcasm here - the one we dubbed the demonic one. This is the cat that from day one as a tiny kitten wouldn't sit in anyone's lap, even when placed. She has been the skittish, ever-ready-to-play & attack-anything-moving cat. She acts as if she has multiple personalities and none of them nice. Woe unto the person that picks her up for more than two seconds.
She is truly an enigma.
Zoe is at the door waiting when I come home and stretches up, meows like she wants me to come see her, but when I do, she runs away. I try to fool myself into believing that there's a sweet cat in there somewhere that just can't get out. Haha She tolerates me the most and will rub up against my legs and butt me with her head, but we're always suspicious of this as it's behavior she uses when she's has no food in her bowl. She really gets totally obnoxious when food is gone. We're so surprised sometimes when she comes around us and there's actually food there.
One of the funniest things DH said recently was when I was gone for a weekend. He called me laughing to tell me he couldn't believe I'd gone off and left him with no food in the house for Zoe. LOL My DH has joked for years that if she were bigger, she'd off us in our sleep. When DH & DS were at a Carolina Panthers game awhile back, they brought the mascot out and put her on the screen. Both DH & DS looked at each other in amazement and said it was a bigger clone of Zoe. Are you getting the picture here? Affectionate she's not, but entertaining, yes.

She looks pretty ferocious here, but it's a false alert. Sometimes she just opens her mouth and it stays that way for a minute. :)
Now to the strange part.
Ever since our our dog died a few weeks ago, we've wondered if Zoe missed him. I've seen her go to the stairs at night and look around and we wonder if she's looking for him. But now when I sit on the couch, she'll come lay on my lap. My DH, DD, and I just sit there dumbfounded. This cat is 8 years old and not one time has she ever remotely done this. She's still skittish and the least little thing will make her jump off, but tonight she lay there for an hour or so. We've never really heard her purr, either, but she actually was making mittens one night and I thought I caught a faint sound. I'm thinking I'm getting delusional here. I don't know whether she's lonely and desperate or she thinks we are! Hmm....don't think I can credit her with that much of a sweet nature - must be her. :)
Now, the interesting part is - what happens if we decide to get another dog in the next year or so - I have a feeling it's going to rock her world!
But it really is the strangest thing......
Anyone else ever experience anything weird like this with your pet?
Mind you, I'm not complaining - it's nice; but I am somewhat mystified.

On the stitching front, I'm struggling to get more done. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but it's slow.
As for goals, I'm starting ornaments for two monthly SAL's, and then want to go back to the Travel Sampler. I'd also like to work on some UFO's (cough), I mean WIP's. I've had one partially done for years that I'd really like to finish for a friend. As you can see, I have a ways to go. I have five teapots done and there are eighteen. They don't take that long to stitch; I just haven't pulled this one out to work on it.

So I'm keeping my stitching goals fairly simple.
Keep up with the ornaments each month
Dare I say finish the Travel Sampler... really need to
Finish one larger UFO and work on others
Stitch a few exchanges or fun stitches in between

Have a wonderful day.