Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my birthday (why isn't it as much fun as it used to be?? - LOL) Though I heard from all my family and that was really nice. It really was a good day.....I went to breakfast with a friend & she said that the day wouldn't be complete without a run to the LNS. Who am I to argue such a thing?? Found 2 older charts by Black Swan. They were part of the "Album" series - Garden of Daffodils & Love Makes a House. They are adorable and I would love to get any of the others that are out there, if possible. But back to the story! I came home and my DH had as one of my gifts a certificate to (you guessed it) - the LNS. (Yay) Chilled out for a few hours and went to meet our DS and GF at one of my favorite restaurants - The Cheesecake Factory. We came back to the house and all watched a movie, which left me jittery & totally unable to go to bed anytime soon! Decent movie, just kept me on pins and needles all night. Sorry, M! All in all, a most enjoyable time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Memory of a Little One

In a world of ever advancing technology, some view the computer as evil, some good. I've had experiences with both sides. But with the touch of a keyboard, I can communicate across the world to someone I would never meet normally and form friendships based on mutual hobbies, careers, beliefs, etc. While it's a different kind of friendship, I consider it a part of my life that is affirming, helpful, and valuable. People come and go, but there are those who still touch you, if only for a brief moment. I am saddened by news received in one of my internet XS groups. A member lost her three year-old son to cancer today (recently diagnosed).
Nici, our hearts cry for you, though we don't know each other very well. Prayers and thoughts from all over the world are with you. May God grant you comfort and peace.
In memory of Felix.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter everyone! Great day of worship and hanging out with family. A few weeks ago I went on a retreat with our LNS stitchers, The Lazy Daizy. We had Susan Greening Davis with us - what a treat! We have a wonderful large project that she gave us with instructions, but we were able to complete a practice piece for it on a pouch. Really cute. Sarah, our LNS owner, also gave us a cute project - about half done with that. Been slowly stitching on Cottage Garden. Finished Peony - now on Daisy. Haven't worked much on Travel Sampler - hope to finish out tonight doing that.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wedding dress

What fun today turned out to be.....My oldest DD- youngest far away in NY :( -& I went just to take a look at some wedding dresses. She tried a few on - lo & behold, the second one was it. Couldn't believe how easy it was. Absolutely beautiful - hard to believe she's old enough to be getting married in the fall. (Not that we have a date set yet.....but it's coming soon.....please.....LOL)
Haven't had a chance to stitch much this past week, but I stashed up with some French charts and VS's new "Where Stitchers Gather". I won't be stitching them anytime soon, as I need to be stitching on Travel Sampler for my mom, another small design for Mother's Day, wedding sampler for DD, small graduation sampler for my niece, and finishing up retreat projects, etc. Not to mention the other WIP's around! Not sure how much I'll get done this week, but I'm trying to prioritize. Tomorrow, family will come to celebrate Easter. Christ is risen - hallelujah! Hope all have a wonderful weekend.