Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gadgets and Hearts

First of all, thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging comments on my last blog. My mom is about the same, hanging in there with a diagnosis of not one, but two hairline fractures on both sides of the sacrum. However, we have high hopes her new gadget will make her life much easier.

Note the State red, though totally coincidental. And this scooter is not only functional, but kinda fun.

My own situation is improved in spite of myself and a comedy of errors. There's a great deal of truth to the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I won't bore you with the details, but I'm much better and your good wishes really brightened my day. All were much appreciated.

On to stitching, here are two more rounds on the Friendship RR.

Danielle's RR.......

Willeke's RR.... she uses the original colors listed on the design.

Now that I'm caught up, I have great ambitions to stitch on the Travel Sampler and Secret Garden. We shall see.....
Until we meet again. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sometimes Life Throws a Curve

Have you ever realized how much your life can change in one day? I'm sure many of you can relate - you receive good/bad news that affects your everyday life. While blissfully unaware of the turn your days are going to take, you march on.
My DH and I recently rented a travel motorcyle for a long ride. I wanted to see how loud this bike was compared to my husband's, so about 30 sec. before we got home, I carefully took out the earplugs. I do remember thinking - dang, this is loud. Two days later, I had tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears), which may or may not go away. Doc thinks it's trauma induced but regardless, thinks once tinnitus comes, it pretty much stays. Audiologist thinks it might go away within a month, and it's been a week.
Comparatively speaking, it's not bad; it's not as loud as some people have. I've only had it for a week and levels are intermittent. I cannot begin to imagine those that have dealt with this for years. I've read about them and just truly feel for them. The stress and depression that can follow tinnitus can be intimidating, even to someone that doesn't get depressed.

Then I feel guilty because of all of the people I know who have so much more than this to handle and I'm being such a wimp.

My mother is dealing with constant pain at the moment and no narcotics really work. In the last month she's deteriorated from hurting some, but driving, playing bridge, going to the library, etc. to being chair bound in her house; it's the only place she can get any relief -and now that doesn't work. She looks at me and says she has to keep on hoping and deal with it. They think it might be a sacral stress fracture (which she's had for about six weeks at least, but instead of improving any, she continues to worsen daily). We have a few options coming up later this week, of which we're hopeful. Please remember her in thought or prayer, if you could.

On the stitching front, I was on such a roll last week but haven't stitched much this week. That is changing; I picked up my Friendship Sampler RR last night and started on that one; felt like I could get my life back on track if I could get back to the things I love doing.
And on the more positive note, I have done much research in this past week and have found valid, sound advice to at least help the situation. I do believe in some alternative methods of medicine, though I'm cautious with them. Show me time and research to back the claims up, and I'm more inclined to believe. I've downloaded a couple of books that are very common sense and helps to get healthy. I serve a risen God, so anything is possible. :)
So, to anyone out there with your experiences, wisdom and otherwise general thoughts, I welcome your comments. :)

PS - forgive my whining...
BTW, just a word of caution to taking earplugs out - never, never remove them around a loud noise that otherwise wouldn't really have bothered you. It was the sudden transfer of complete quiet to loud noise and the ears just couldn't adjust fast enough that caused the trauma.

Bear with me with one more thing - on a funny note; my family has convinced me for years that I need help hearing, etc. I've always thought that I'd have some hearing loss, but didn't consider that tinnitus could happen as a result, too; I've listened to loud music everywhere for so long. Just had the tests done - my hearing is fine - a very slight damage to the left ear hair cells in the high frequency, which made it just a tad below, but really considered to be about normal for someone my age. So there! All these times they complained I couldn't hear them, they were the cuplprits that mumbled, spoke too fast, etc.
Yes, I do feel justified.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Double Take - Take 4: Scotland! and Take 3: Finishes

After the tour with our needleworkers ended, Chris, Kim and I flew up to Edinburgh to spend a few days. What can I say, but stunning! The cities and towns, the landscapes, the green colors, the patriotic rush of freedom with William Wallace; all make Scotland a fantastic place to visit.
We strolled the Royal Mile more than once,

Scott Memorial down the Royal Mile...

toured Stirling Castle and the Wallace Memorial -well worth the climb up,

One of four tapestries hanging in Stirling Castle.....

Wallace Memorial - slim spiral staircase to the top - so inspiring to hear the real story behind William Wallace and all those who contributed to Scotland's freedom

went for a scenic ride out in the country up to Loch Lomond -breathtaking- stopping along the way.

Scottish countryside - isn't this gorgeous??

One cannot go to Scotland and not see the requisite bagpipes and kilts... very moving

Really old bridge....

More countryside...

Then we toured Edinburgh Castle and I went to Rosslyn Chapel in the afternoon.

Edinburgh Castle...magnificent

Royal Symbol of Scotland found in Edinburgh Castle

Rosslyn Chapel - this gives you no indication whatsoever how intricate the carvings are inside....truly remarkable... this chapel was in the Da Vinci Code.

All were so picturesque, it was mind-boggling. My absolute favorites, besides the countryside, were the Wallace Memorial and the Rosslyn Chapel. Pictures aren't allowed inside the Chapel and scaffolding is everywhere on the outside, so it's hard to appreciate the utter beauty of all the carving inside. It really is spectacular. I would love to go back one day and see more; maybe one day!
Thus concludes a wonderful, whirlwind trip through bits and pieces of Europe. Thanks for taking the ride with me and leaving me such wonderful comments. They are all much appreciated. :)

Now to a few finishes...a needlebook for Kathy K. for our beach meeting; she's received it now, so ....

Quilting, the headless wonder, is no more - she's fully able to quilt now and is ready for some summer Reading...

Cute as a Button, a darling pouch kit from Susan Greening Davis....

And lastly, progress on a few WIP's...
Secret Garden 3 -

Travel Sampler -

Thanks for stopping by...everyone have a great day!

Special Times - Anniversary and XS Meeting

My DH and I passed a milestone this weekend when we celebrated 30 years of marriage. I truly cannot believe how quickly the years have flown by. We rented a travel motorcycle and took a beautiful trip up in Virginia and saw our youngest daughter while there. Beautiful day for a ride; we really enjoyed it. Considered going to the beach the next day, but alas, the weather was uncooperative. Have to do that next time!
To my sweet DH, God blessed me with you for a husband and I love you with all my heart. Here's to many more years together. :)
And now...

Another special occasion occured while we were in Florida last week. I met with Wendy, co-leader of Our Friends' HAED SAL blog. She is every bit as lovely in person as she is on her blogs. We had a short but delightful visit and chatted for awhile. Her two boys were as cute and nice as they could be and so well behaved. We exchanged small gifts and many thanks for my lovely kit!
Even though I've seen pictures, it's always exciting to put a real face to the many bloggers I follow and so admire. Thanks for taking the time out of your vacation, Wendy. :)