Monday, May 12, 2008

All grown up now & then some trivial pursuits of the weekend

My oldest DD finished grad school this weekend - shortest graduation ceremony I've ever attended -45 minutes. I must say, I've been somewhat amused at our last two commencement speakers. The first in an indirect, long-winded way told the grads that ALL the good jobs have gone overseas and good luck finding one. Current speaker told everyone WHY the jobs were overseas (it's a way US helps other countries - Methinks he may be looking through rose-colored glasses?! No self-serving greed at all? Interesting) However, his real point was to tell the grads to make a difference with their lives for others. Not so shabby advice, hmmm? I like this option. Much better overall, this time.
DH's truck had a flat tire graduation AM, but DS saved the day with his truck; In case you wonder the vast amount of truckage we brought an entire state across, we also moved said DD back home afterwards. Went rather smoothly, considering. Now she's all grown up, job-hunting, and preparing for a wedding!
Not too much on the stitching front. Started a needlepoint project by Nancy's Needle which is a seasons series- Two Cabins & Two Cottages are the first two. Still stitching the fifth house in Cottage Garden Series - I think I'm cursed with this one. I've removed a part of the border 4-5 times for the same darn error (in a different place). I will attempt to salvage my dignity and intelligence by blaming our Mon. night stitching group for being too interesting to listen to (& forget about small details in stitching - such as COUNTING), but oh well, let's be truthful. My BAD! Here's to paying attention to what you stitch. Oh btw, Chris, if you read this, - love the biscornu.
Mother's Day was nice - time with all my chickies and my mom. Mom's doing well, counting down the days to get the cast off her wrist. Youngest DD gave me pics of her and me at about the same age. Sweet gesture and note on back. Her pic is hauntingly beautiful and mine (sigh) - well, shall we say - ugly blouse and 70's hair. Taking that into account, not so bad. I'd love to weigh what I did then, for sure. But I love the idea and sentiment here.....oldest DD gave me a sweet booklet and DS brought flowers, too. DH gave me important things -you know, sunglasses & gloves for the Harley! Most fun time, but best of all was the family time spent together.
Well, back to everyday life and hopefully, more stitching this week than last.

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Meari said...

Glad to hear your DD's graduation and move went smoothly. Sounds like your MD was very nice. :)