Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend SAT Finishes

Wow, judging from everyone's finishes this weekend, I am so impressed with all the beautiful work done. I was able to accomplish most of my goals, but not quite all. I did the final stitching and finishing on the Christmas Ornament,

Madeira Biscornu,

and the signature RR's (no picture - bagged up and ready to mail :).
Now I have the completed set of the Madeira Tin Sampler Project by Fancy Work.

I hit a snag with the Snowman pillow. I've been to JoAnn's twice this weekend and can't find a material that I really like to go with it. I'm going to another place soon, so I can get that one finished.

I did stitch on my Travel Sampler, but not much. It's only a little progress, but it's out and in my stitching spot and I'll be working on it more. This particular chart was a personalized sampler I got from Nouveau Encore. Stephanie designs these, similar to the French Alphabet charts, and does a phenomenal job. I was privileged to travel around with my mother over a ten year span. This sampler is a culmination of the different places we visited. I'm using black silk with a darker green and a wine over-dyed (not the green, pink, and yellow featured in the picture). The fabric is a 32 ct. cream evenweave.


After......a little bit more in the top border

Full chart design....

This has been a real joy to watch everyone's finishes and really get to work more on mine. I think we're all thinking this is a great idea to do once a month. I know Shelleen is planning on it, and so are some others. So, I hope to see everyone back with all their lovely labors once again!
On another note, I was thrilled to see that there is Let's Stitch TOO that does have memberships open, so I was able to join. This is a wonderful blog, guaranteed (well, almost) to make you pull your UFO's out and start finishing up some of these projects that are getting moth-eaten! Check it out - you'll be impressed. Until next time...hope all have a great day.


Rene la Frog said...

WOW you got a lot done too. Love everything you did. The Sampler is going to be awesome. A real labor of love.

Can't wait for our next weekend of finishing....I think it's a great idea too.

Beth said...

Beautiful finishing, Carolyn! The tin set is so neat!

Gabi said...

OH my gosh. That sampler will look FANTASTIC when finished. It's amazing. And wow, you traveled a lot.
Lovely finished. They all look great.

Sadie said...

You got so much done! Congratulations. I love your personalised sampler. It's beautiful.

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishing Carolyn! I love your travel sampler-so neat!

Anonymous said... all looks so great!! Glad you got in on the Let's Stitch Too. You asked about my black fabric for my AOXS on my is 28 count Black Lugana. I like the fabric alot just not the color! Why did I choose black?? It was hard to work on at first but I am getting use to it now. I just have to make sure there is plenty of light. Talk to you soon.

Michele said...

First let me say thank you for signing the signature RR's :)

Great finishing! I still have to finish my class stitching/finishing

I adore that sampler! It will be fun watching you work on it :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful piece!How very touching of you to find a way to treasure those travel experiences with your mom and incorporate them into your family's history. Lovely!

CameoRoze said...

Beautiful finishing!
That sampler is intense! Very pretty border so far.