Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Strangest Thing......

I can't explain it nor can anyone else.
Remember our "sweet" cat, Zoe? Much sarcasm here - the one we dubbed the demonic one. This is the cat that from day one as a tiny kitten wouldn't sit in anyone's lap, even when placed. She has been the skittish, ever-ready-to-play & attack-anything-moving cat. She acts as if she has multiple personalities and none of them nice. Woe unto the person that picks her up for more than two seconds.
She is truly an enigma.
Zoe is at the door waiting when I come home and stretches up, meows like she wants me to come see her, but when I do, she runs away. I try to fool myself into believing that there's a sweet cat in there somewhere that just can't get out. Haha She tolerates me the most and will rub up against my legs and butt me with her head, but we're always suspicious of this as it's behavior she uses when she's has no food in her bowl. She really gets totally obnoxious when food is gone. We're so surprised sometimes when she comes around us and there's actually food there.
One of the funniest things DH said recently was when I was gone for a weekend. He called me laughing to tell me he couldn't believe I'd gone off and left him with no food in the house for Zoe. LOL My DH has joked for years that if she were bigger, she'd off us in our sleep. When DH & DS were at a Carolina Panthers game awhile back, they brought the mascot out and put her on the screen. Both DH & DS looked at each other in amazement and said it was a bigger clone of Zoe. Are you getting the picture here? Affectionate she's not, but entertaining, yes.

She looks pretty ferocious here, but it's a false alert. Sometimes she just opens her mouth and it stays that way for a minute. :)
Now to the strange part.
Ever since our our dog died a few weeks ago, we've wondered if Zoe missed him. I've seen her go to the stairs at night and look around and we wonder if she's looking for him. But now when I sit on the couch, she'll come lay on my lap. My DH, DD, and I just sit there dumbfounded. This cat is 8 years old and not one time has she ever remotely done this. She's still skittish and the least little thing will make her jump off, but tonight she lay there for an hour or so. We've never really heard her purr, either, but she actually was making mittens one night and I thought I caught a faint sound. I'm thinking I'm getting delusional here. I don't know whether she's lonely and desperate or she thinks we are! Hmm....don't think I can credit her with that much of a sweet nature - must be her. :)
Now, the interesting part is - what happens if we decide to get another dog in the next year or so - I have a feeling it's going to rock her world!
But it really is the strangest thing......
Anyone else ever experience anything weird like this with your pet?
Mind you, I'm not complaining - it's nice; but I am somewhat mystified.

On the stitching front, I'm struggling to get more done. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but it's slow.
As for goals, I'm starting ornaments for two monthly SAL's, and then want to go back to the Travel Sampler. I'd also like to work on some UFO's (cough), I mean WIP's. I've had one partially done for years that I'd really like to finish for a friend. As you can see, I have a ways to go. I have five teapots done and there are eighteen. They don't take that long to stitch; I just haven't pulled this one out to work on it.

So I'm keeping my stitching goals fairly simple.
Keep up with the ornaments each month
Dare I say finish the Travel Sampler... really need to
Finish one larger UFO and work on others
Stitch a few exchanges or fun stitches in between

Have a wonderful day.


Vonna said...

Carolyn, I sure can't help you in the kitty arena, since all we have is the one...but it sure seems like she's attaching to your family now that the dog is gone. Hmmm...I'd tend to agree that if you got a dog, it might rock her world.

Love your WIP...looks good!

And your kitty is certainly gorgeous...I love the picture of her on your bed :)

Meari said...

Good luck with your 2009 goals, Carolyn. Cute kitty... even if she *is* a devil-cat. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Carolyn, I love those teapots. I think you mention it was (or will be) a gift... so pretty. If it was me I might decide to keep it! (however, 18 does sound like an excessive number of teapots to sit down and complete, so actually, if it was me it would never be finished!) Melissa from Coral Springs, FL

StitchinKat said...

Hey Carolyn! Zoe is a lot like my Cassi in appearance and temperment (except for the demon part!)She has always been timid and skittish and takes a while to warm up to people....most of the time she just disappears when we have friends over. I think Zoe senses the empty space in your life and is trying in her own way to help. Maybe she is just mellowing as she ages though!
I love your teapots WiP by the way!
I just finished something...come over and see it!

Kathy said...

Funny about your kitty. Now my Mom's cat, Rosie, was never a lap cat until my Mom broke her hip and was away from home (hospital and rehab) in early 2007. Ever since then Rosie became a lap cat. And since she is rather large (not heavy but definitly a big cat--16 lbs!) it can be difficult to stitch with her in my lap. Because of course since my Mom is gone it now my lap Rosie needs. :) So I guess it can happened when a cat goes through a tramatic event. At least that's my theory.

sales said...

Your cat sounds like mine. She is 20+ years old and is as ornery as ever. We always have to warn people about her, just look, don't touch! She is just not the friendliest cat. Love her though.

You tea pots look great and good luck on your goals.

Emily said...

Maybe your cat really does miss the dog. Did they ever play or even get along? Enjoy the lap kitty while it lasts.

Terri said...

Great work. I think it's that she is lonely with the dog gone.

CameoRoze said...

My stitching has gone VERY slowly, too! I finally started a new project yesterday. I was going through my charts and found a very cute Santa kit. A kit! What an easy way to get back in the groove.

And it felt SO GOOD to sit and stitch a while yesterday.

As for annual goals ... for the first time in a LONG time, I don't have any. I'm considering having a year of Christmas stuff, though. My best friend will be selling things at holiday craft fairs to pay off medical bills. I'd like to contribute a bunch of my handiwork to that cause. I'd also like to find a way to use up a ton of fabric scraps and think I may have come up with a crazy-quilt-with-stitching idea. Time will tell if that pans out.

Cameo @-->-->---

Terry said...

Your kitty is beautiful! I haven't had a pet in years so I can't really comment on why she's changing her behavior. Hopeing that she just knows you need a little cuddling now and letting you know she cares.

can't wait to see the teapots done. They are so pretty!

kaghos said...

I would give it time to see, if there
is any change,Vonna has a point, she my miss the dog but a new one my not be the best thing right now, dog may not get along and that would really make things worse.

I adore you tea pots

Frishawn said...

It doesn't seem as though Zoe was ever your "touchy feely pet me or die type cat." The loss of the dog may have just driven her further into her shell.
On the stitching front, love the tea pots.

Gabi said...

Beautiful teapots Carolyn. And I had also a situation between cat/dog that reminds me a bit about your cat. My labrador and my cat Kasimir grew up together and even they were friends. They didn't play with each other when grown up, but often Kasimir would accompany me and Max for a walk. Which was kinda funny the way he did that. Kasimir, our proud and arrogant cat was the boss of that couple though
When Max got sick Kasimir at once got very mild mannered towards Max, and when Max died I was surprised how upset our cat became....for months and months. He screamed all nights long, and became very cuddly. He was just terrible upset that his mate was gone.
Your pets might have not been that good mates as these two, but you never know, Zoe might have been attached to your dog. As devilish as she is, in reality I guess she loves her "pack" - even she is a master of hiding it :)

Karen said...

Carolyn...I had a cat exactly like Zoe! He would make this strange noise indicating he would attack if you got any closer and we joked he was telling us "I love you." I had him 12 years and he finally started sitting in my DH's lap when he was about 8 or 9. The funny thing is he wouldn't sit in my lap and he would never get in my DH's lap if I was in the room. If I came in, he would immediately jump off. Animals are so funny and your cat brings back memories of my Edmund. Great made laugh!

Chris said...

I do think Zoe misses your dog, or is at least confused as to where the dog is. I used to have 2 cats (Marbles and Sebastian). After about 15 years together, Marbles' health quickly went downhill and she had to leave us. Sebastian wandered around the house more than usual the next several days, meowing, so I know he was trying to find her. Will be interesting if Zoe stays this way.

On the stitching front, love the teapots.

Joy said...

LOL I had a kitty that growled at the mailman...maybe he was a dog in another life?! I think the teapots are pretty! You just have to tell yourself you can finish it! LOL I know...I am trying to make it work on me!

Lou's addictions said...

You've been tagged, check out the rules on my blog

Charlene said...

What a pretty one he is! And he does remind me of the Panther! I'm taking his side - he knows you have available lovin' to go around with the pup gone, so he's getting his now ;-)

Love those teapots, and the throw will be awesome when you're finished!

Louisiana Momma said...

people don't give enough credit to animals that grieve .. they show us clear signs they do.. I had a similar cat to yours once - we called her Hell Cat.. this thing would hang off the screen door, squeeze underneath doors, and attack you when you least expect it.

Love the teapot afghan - I LOVE teapots.. and would love to have one just like that.. perhaps someday I will do a project for myself :-)

Anonymous said...

I think our kitties could be twins! They look ALOT alike, solid black all over but the little white spot on her chest! Rugrat isn't a lap kitty either, I wish she was. She likes to lay across the computer desk or stand infront of the monitor until you pet her! I think your kitty Zoe is missing the dog, enjoy the fact that she wants to cuddle now.

Love your Wips!

Kelly's Blog said...

Carolyn, I love your finished and WIP's you've shown. I know all to well about the stitching mood and trying to get back in the swing of things. As far as your kitty goes, when we lost our precious cat Maddie, Lisa (our littest one and you describe her to a tee)wasn't a lap cat, barely purred, wouldn't come up to us either, but NOW she does. Go figure. We cannot get another cat until the big fat one, who is mean, dies.

Hope you get in the stitchy mode soon. Hugs to you.

Wolfie said...

Just reading about your dear cat...we have a little tabby cat who is about the same. She was totally antisocial when it came to cuddles from when we got her, apart from crying like a child in pain when we were in the kitchen and she thought we might have something to treat her with. She comes to sit on the floor or table next to us, but if we touch her anywhere but from her ears to the bottom of her back she screams and runs away. It took until she was 5 before she came to cuddle on our laps, and when she does lie down on our leg, we can stroke her, but if she does not like where we stroke she will turn like a viper and attack. I could write a novel about our pets (two cats and a dog) but dont wanna take up too much space here:) Just enjoy your babies and their would be so boring if they were all the X Ylva