Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oklahoma! and the Rest of the Weekend

Happy dance for me! I finished Ebb Tide and stitched my heart and some of the border, then sent off my sampler for the Friendship RR. I'm really looking forward to this.

This past weekend was such a blast. I flew to Tulsa, OK, for a quick visit with my brother and family. Here they are at the Aquarium.

It was awesome - so much so that I posted some of the cool pics.

On the way in from the airport, we stopped off at The Silver Needle. I can't say enough good things about this LNS. We all have our home LNS that we love, but it's so exciting to go out to different LNS' and see what's around and look at all the models. SN is absolutely packed with them.
I walked in, introduced myself as a fan from NC, and they gave me the tour of the place, front and back. It is massive and they have a huge ONS business. I was so impressed with their set-up and friendliness. There were models everywhere. They must have had every Mill House pillow, etc., in existence stitched.
I was good, however, and only bought two. Mainly because we had three children in the store with us who were dying of boredom and we couldn't stay but so long. I could have spent hours there, for sure, but I was there to spend time with family, not shop! Probably saved me some money - LOL.

Isn't if fun to get mail (not bills), especially stitching mail? The mailbox was overflowing this week, and so fun. First I received my Monopoly pattern from Shelley with the Monopoly SAL group. Then I received my order from 123 Stitch, which was a gift from Rhonda in ILCS for winning bingo, and of course I added another chart. LOL Then the first RR came in and it's beautiful! Can't wait to stitch on it this weekend.
So here's a pic from SN and the mail.....

A big thank you to all who have encouraged me with comments about my mom. She's doing much better and her "good" eye is just super dry, which has been causing the problem. Nothing else has happened there, so we are counting ourselves blessed.

And lastly, I leave you with pictures of the winter that hopefully will soon be gone, even though we don't get snow very often. I can truthfully say that Montana thoroughly enjoyed it. But it's supposed to be 79 here this weekend. Come on in, Spring!

I know, I know, I'm like a new mother......but seriously, isn't he adorable????
Glad someone could enjoy the cold weather!


Gabi said...

OH MY GOSH. It's official. I'm in love. That picture of Montana with the snow on his nose is simply too cute. WAY to cute.
Congrats also with your beautiful finish and your new stash. Your family looks adorable (Montana wins that contest though)

Theresa said...

HI Carolyn
the photos of the aquarium are fantastic. Montana is just adorable. I would love to give him a big hug. Could you please give him for me.

Lou's addictions said...

Montana is just too cute. You can be forgiven for being like a new mum lol...

The aquarium pics are awesome, I love those places.

Sadie said...

Beautiful stitching Carolyn, I love the colours in Ebb Tide. The pattern you chose for your RR is perfect. Beautiful pictures of the aquarium, looks like you all had a great time, shame you couldn't spend longer in SN but you are right you probably saved money :-)
Montana is just adorable!
Nice new stash too.

Beth said...

Ebb Tide looks great! Congratulations, Carolyn!

Thank you for sharing the pics from the Aquarium, they're wonderful.

I'm glad to hear the news about your mom's eye. What a relief!

Lastly, Montana IS adorable! You can never show too many pics of him! I see he's a member of the Golden Retriever Snow-Eating Club, too! Kasey was out last night and just crunching on ice balls. She's made a HUGE Kasey-angel. She rolls in the same spot every time she goes out.


Shari said...

those aquarium pictures are wonderful!!!!! We love visiting them when we go to various places. Mainly zoos that have them!!!!
Montana is adorable!!!! I bet he had a blast in the snow!!!
Your finish is so pretty!!! I love the colors!!!! Congrats!
Glad your mom is doing better! Yeah!!!

Kelly said...

I love your finish, it is so colourful! Your RR is very pretty too!
Thank you for sharing your photos and isn't Montana begining to get big! He is so adorable!
Hugs, Kelly

Beth said...

Ebb Tide looks amazing! And the pics from the aquarium are really cool! DH and I went to an acquarium a few years ago, and I loved it! And the puppy is so adorable!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Oh wow eb tide is beautiful.
The stash is wonderful.

Sounds and looks like a great time with your family.

Montana is so cute.

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Congratulations on your Finish and your WIP...I just love all of your pictures...your dog is so cute and so adorable looking.

Take care & Happy Stitching

Becky K in OK said...

Hi, I found your blog through Sherry of Blog It. Yes, the SN is fantastic. I live about 40 minutes from there. So glad you had a great visit to our fair state.

Lizzy said...

Ebb Tide is really lovely, Carolyn... such beautiful, soft colours! And your start on your RR is lovely!

And oh, how fun! I love visiting Aquariums. Lovely photos and such a lovely family!

And lucky you getting to visit The Silver Needle!!! Woo Hoo! What a treat and what lovely stash!

I'm glad to read your Mom is better! I hope she continues to improve!

Montana is adorable and those photos are precious! Thanks for sharing! :-) I can't believe it's going to be so warm this weekend after highs in the 20's last weekend and the snow on Sunday and Monday... crazy weather we're having!

Blessings and love and hugs always in stitches...

StitchinKat said...

Congrats on your Ebb Tide finish! It's beautiful! I got my Blue Bayou back from the LD last weekend (we missed you!) and will put a pic of it framed on my blog. Meredith has the Ebb Tide too, so you may want to clue her in on your color changes! We are aiming for April sometime for our next get-together, which is good as I need to use my coupon and birthday bucks that month!

Looks like you had fun in OK, and glad to hear your mom is doing better!

Meari said...

Congrats on your ET finish, Carolyn! It's really pretty.

Great pics of your time with your bro and family. :) Cute puppy pics, too! Adorable!!!

I've had email interaction with SN and they've been great. Glad you got to go and check it out.

Kathy said...

Montana is simply adorable. You can NEVER bore me with too many photos of your liitle boy. :) Keep 'em coming.
Sounds like you had a lovely weekend visit. Only it was a shame you didn't have more time/money to shop at Silverneedle. LOL

Von said...

Ebb Tide is gorgeous, but then I'm a sucker for blue. :)

I'm so jealous of your trip to SN! It must make you dizzy trying to see all the charts, fibers, linens, samples, beads, not to mention the Vera Bradley bags!

Hope you don't mind if I drop by for a visit this weekend. We haven't had 79^ here for far too long; shoot, you would have had me at 69^, lol!

Vicky L said...

I love your finish. You did a great job on it and beautiful colors. The pictures from the aquarium are wonderful. I love pictures from the aquarium. Montana is a cutie. I am glad someone can enjoy the snow, lol.

Lynn B said...

Hi Carolyn
I just love the new dog, what a cutie! I also love the gorgeous embroidery in the top picture, what is the name of the designer?

Rene la Frog said...

Congrats on the lovely finish.

I too have been to the Silver Needle but it was before they moved. The service was the same back then and I felt really too comfortable in the store for the sake of my pocket. I just wish their online orders didn't take so long to ship or I would do more business with them.

Keeping your Mom in my thoughts and prayers that her eyesight gets no worse but improves.

Karen said...

The Ebb Tide is beautiful...and the "puppy" is so cute! Wish we had some snow in SC...nothing but rain!

CameoRoze said...

Ebb Tide is absolutely gorgeous! Great finish.

The jellyfish photos are awesome!

I got to take a finishing class (in Denver) from the gals at Silver Needle once. It was great. Neat people.

Thank you for the award. I'll try to pass it on soon. Real life keeps taking presidence over online life!

Cameo @-->-->---

Wendy said...

That is such a cute picture of Montana in the snow!
The pictures of the aquarium are so great! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Congrats on your finish, you did a great job and it looks so wonderful!

Joke said...

Ebb Tide is gorgeous, and (can you say the same for a dog??) your pup is the as gorgeous!

Michele said...

Sounds like you had a great short visit with your brother!

Love you finish and you Friendship RR! Can't wait to stitch on it :)

omgosh Montana is adorable! My golden loves the snow too! I think she would rather live around snow than heat :)

Debbie Jo said...

Wow! That was an awesome trip you had and to visit The Silver Needle too! What an experience that had to be. Congrats on all the stach and Ebb Tide is gorgeous. Don't tell your little guy but I am in love!! Nice pats for a handsome guy.

Nancy said...

Your Ebb Tide looks great. I just finished one of those myself and it works up so much faster than xs and makes for *instant* satisfaction! Montana looks so cute! I think the RR you are doing is the same one that I just sent some floss to a person, and they are stitching the whole thing themselves, but using the floss you picked.I'll be anxious to see the different versions. Sounds like a great day with the family at the aquarium. We always love going to the one in Chicago.

Sherry said...

What a stunning finish! Love the Montana pictures!

Lana said...

Great job on a finish!!! I Montana is Uber-cute!!! He looks like he is giving you the cutest face ever ina an atemp to make you tak ehim inside and warm him up! That's my dogs "I wanna cookie" look!!! lol. SO cute! Glad you had a safe, enjoyable trip!!!

CindyMae said...

Wonderful stitching! I just love the finish, I think that is a gorgeous piece. Great new start. Those are some great pics, thanks for sharing! It looks like everyone had a great time. Montana is just so cute!!!!!!!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely photos! I just love The Silver Needle, even though I'm in another country, lol! Their international service is just awesome.

Jan said...

Carolyn, thanks for posting on my new blog! So nice to have you visit!

Also have to say that Montana is by far one of the cutest pups I have seen in a very long time! Enjoy, they grow up so fast. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your family!

Shelleen said...

congrats on the beautiful finish

Kathy A. said...

Hi Carolyn - thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Just came over to check out your blog. What lovely stitching you do. Congrats on the finish and the new stash.
Happy to see we are doing the Friendship Sampler together. Look forward to stitching on yours.

Elsje said...

Oh my gosh. I am in love. That picture of Montana with the snow on his nose is so cute!!! I 've got four dogs and two of them are labradors. They are such wonderful dogs! Enjoy every moment of it! The pics of the aquarium are fantastic!

Wendy said...

Hi Carolyn,

I love reading your blog so much, that I got an award for you. Take a look at my blog for it please.

Have a nice day,

Gwen said...

Congratulations on your finish.

Your pics are great thanks for sharing.