Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best laid plans of mice and men and all that

Well, my plan was to include the update on my Wedding stitching for my DD. Something has happened to my camera and I can take a picture, but I can't upload any. I hope to find out what's wrong tomorrow. The design is coming along fairly well; I'm about halfway done. My goal is to finish it by the end of the holiday.
My SIL threw a bridal shower Saturday for my DD at Mimi's Cafe. If you have a restaurant like this near you, then go to it. The food is phenomenal and they were so nice. Everyone really enjoyed it. We did dessert, muffin and drink for whomever. A small hint - their desserts could feed at least two, if not three. But boy, they're good. Came home and had family dinner for DS's birthday. Sunday, had portrait session for DD. The wedding day could not possibly be more stressful than it was (truly).
The stylist who'd fixed her hair did a messy job and we were calling around trying to find someone who could fix it. This same stylist had fixed it the past week to show DD what it would look like and it was fine. This time it wasn't even similar. So an hour before the portrait session I'm calling everywhere. Did I mention it was Sunday? Found someone who fit her in and she did a fantastic job. Just beautiful. Forgot needing flowers; don't really have to have them, but nice to have a choice. While she's getting the repair job, we're off to Harris Teeter for flowers & found the perfect ones for $17; can't get better than that. Off to the Rose Garden where she has to change under sheets & I have to lace this 90 foot thing (ok, 2 feet really - it just seemed like 90). So she's trying to change into the necessary underclothing and I'm in the sheet with her. Dad and future DIL are holding the sheets and it was 92+ degrees. It was hilarious! We left the crinoline at home and forgot to put the jewelry on, so it was a comedy of errors. Long story short, she had perfect earrings on already, didn't really need a necklace, flowers and hair looked like we'd planned it six months in advance. Pictures turned out beautifully. End of story........for now :)


Terry said...

You've been busy! Hope things go smoother in future but still sounds like you had fun.

Anonymous said...

As they say, some day you will look back on this and laugh. Not funny when you are going through it. :) I do hope things are easier in the future. And not too many mess ups. :) Just think of this as getting the kinks out. LOL

Linda K's Creativity Works said...


I am having trouble with my Camera too...I can upload my pictures as long as I keep the stupid Error Message up. I am going to call Kodak today and see what is going on with my Camera. I have a Kodak.

Gabi said...

Where are the wedding pictures? I LOVE weddings. Congrats with the wedding of your daughter and hope that your camera will be fixed soon.