Monday, August 4, 2008

Moving On - Quickly

My secret sister graciously posted a picture of the stitched piece I sent her as I forgot to get one, so I can now put it in my blog. (TY, Kathy) This was done on a stiffer piece of linen than I normally use; I thought it would work better, but a softer piece would have been easier. It was still a fun stitch. I didn't have time to work the biscornu, but it's a great sewing set by Fancy Work.
My DH and I celebrated our 29th anniversary Friday. How can this be? Surely it hasn't been that long. Making plans to do something really special for next year's, but for right now, we're just concentrating on the two weddings!
Time is flying by so fast, my head is spinning. My DD's bf will be here Thurs. and they'll be going back to college the next week.
On the up side, I found my mother of the bride dress. I've not been looking forward to it, as I really wanted to lose a few pounds (ok, a lot), but the older you get, the slower it is! I just happened to be in the bridal shop and decided to try a few. Voila! It's a little dressier than I would have really imagined, but my daughter liked it, too, and it's done. Yay!!
My other DD did choose a pattern she'd like for her wedding (I had "several" to choose from LOL). Glory be, she didn't choose the Sweetheart Tree I was scared she would. No offense to the pattern - it's gorgeous, but it'd be forever and beyond before I finished it. She chose one of the easiest ones - My Big Toe - Wedding - Two Became One. I'm stitching it on white opalescent and using the blue combinations listed as alternative colors. Stitched awhile last night on it - quick - so it shouldn't take long. Also working on Quilting at Mon. night stitching - nice little series.


Kelly said...

Your stitched pieces are lovely Carolyn! Congratulations on your anniversary!

Meari said...

It turned out beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! You have a year to plan something really special for your thirtieth. :)

As for the Whitman tin...... I absolutely LOVE it. The stitching is fabulous and the set will be treasured. Thank you so much for being a special SS.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous gifts! You did a great job. I already commented on them in Kathy's site!

Gabi said...

Happy anniversary :)

Beautiful box and stitching.