Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where the Green Grass Grows

Smell something suspicious? This is not my normal kind of blog entry, but I feel led to share this cultivating (hehe) event. It's amazing the things we learn in life unexpectedly. I was educated yesterday - more than I wanted to be, actually - in septic systems. Yep, fun things. We aren't on a city water system, so we have one out in the back yard. For those interested (really?), these have to be pumped out periodically or dire results could happen. I won't go there....Did you know that these tanks have not one but two compartments that are to be pumped? If someone should tell you it isn't necessary as the second one is just water, they are trying to gyp you. The side of the tank is hidden about six inches underground and has to be dug up to get to the lid, if your system is older than 1999 in NC. Who knew? Not us and obviously not the last people who pumped it out. Case in point to my septic system buddy. So I've been informed and shown it all too. He wanted me out there to see what he was talking about. He was so nice and earnest about it, I didn't have the heart to tell him no.
Interesting point - do you know what it's like outside while they're pumping it out - you get the picture? Not as bad an odor as it could be, but I felt that I'd been around it a little too much, so after getting ready for work one time, I repeated the process. Nothing like being paranoid.....but at least I didn't worry about smelling bad. Glad we don't have to do this very often. But we saved the day for my neighbor. Being fully educated, I had to spill it all to her. He ends up pumping hers too, and just in the nick of time to stop those dire results I was mentioning earlier. We called it divine intervention. :) So for those of you that were dying to know more about these pesky old sewer systems, hope this blog made your day.
Haven't had time to stitch as much as I need to finish this little pattern for the wedding. So I need to pick up speed here now. Wish me luck!


Kelly said...

When I was reading your entry, I couldn't help but think of Robyn Williams and that film he was in with the RV who's septic tank had to be pumped. He got covered in it lol.

Terry said...

We are on a city line now but way back when in Connecticut we had the septic tank. I remember the guy coming out to pump. He sat on top of the truck and ate his lunch while he waited for it to be done. Now, that is what is called having an iron stomach! Glad you were there to save your neighbor and I know they were too!!

Shelleen said...

that is funny but that is because I also have a septic system and it needs to be pumped again. Stay inside with windows closed LOL.

Beth said...

Hi, Carolyn! Thank you for leaving me a message! I gave up on the Challenge at the end of March. I couldn't stitch because it was boxing me in. I think I finished 8 Challenge pieces before I "Ditched the List." Now I stitch as the mood strikes. So far, I have 28 finishes for this year.


Meari said...

When I bought a house in the country, we made the previous owners pump the septic as part of the purchase agreement. I remember my attorney being adament about seeing a receipt/invoice for it being done and held up the closing until the sellers produced one. LOL