Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who knew how much fun a blog could be??

I have been experimenting with different additions to blogs. Thanks to Meari and Nancy for the ideas and links to the visitor map and playlists. I'm still playing with that one. :)
A special thanks to Dawn for nominating me for a blogger award. I love reading her blog and so many others. My bloglist with my favorites and nominees is on the sidebar, even though I need to add some others. I know that most of these blogs have already been nominated at least once, but that's ok - I'll just add my two cents worth. If you haven't already, take some time and read some of these blogs. They all come from different internet groups/friends and have tons of entertainment, tips, hilarity, and so much more.
In case you don't realize whose blogs are whose, I'll give you the names in order:
Kelly, Amy, Chris, David, Dawn from AZ, Gabi, Meari, Vicki, Malinda, Nancy M, Rene, Judith, Kathy, Cameo, and Dawn from NC. Enjoy!

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Meari said...

Thanks for the award, Carolyn! :)